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More than 200 vacancies are open
Any company starts with the people who work for it. We are proud of our employees!

They are professionals who care for our consumers to eat fresh and tasty farm products every day.
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Internship name

Duration: 3 months

For whom:

  • students of the last courses of universities
  • graduates of secondary specialized educational institutions

The program includes:

  • a introduction to the profession
  • theoretical basis
  • workshops

Success stories
Alexander Kletsov
The choice of the institute was never a hard one for me, since most of my relatives are graduates of the Kursk Agricultural Academy. My grandfather was a role model for me, he linked his life with agriculture.
He started as an agronomist, and eventually became a scientist in the Russian Federation. In 2013 I graduated from the Kursk State Agricultural Academy with a degree in Agroengineering with a major in Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery. In 2018 I received a second higher education with the major in Economics. I joined Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies being a student in 2014 during my internship at APK-Chernozemye, LLC. I liked it and decided to work here. Later I was transferred to the Ryazan plant growing division of Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies. It was a step I have never regretted. It is interesting and promising to work here!
Alexander Kletsov
Economist of the financial service of APK-Ryazan, LLC.
Victor Babaev
Four years ago I quit the retail trade and got a job at Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies at the Kursk meat processing plant as a simple deboner. To say honestly, it was not easy at first. When I went through training at the plant it became easier to work, I got involved, I liked it. As they say, experience comes with time. As a result, I mastered almost all the competencies that are necessary in the work of a deboner. Besides, here I found comrades and friends. We work together clearly and harmoniously, as well as we have a productive rest including volleyball, basketball, swimming pool, hiking, outdoor activities with families. A friendly and united crew is the key to the success of our company!
Victor Babaev
Deboner of meat at the Kursk meat processing plant, LLC
Mikhail Goncharov
My professional path began with a secondary education school of culture, and now I am successfully working at the cattle dairy complex in the Konakovsky district of the Tver region. Yes, life is unpredictable. The main thing is to love what you do at every stage of your life. As a child, it seemed that milking cows was an exclusively female job. But in the modern agricultural sector this is not like that. There are many male milkers working at our dairy complex. Most of the work processes are fully automated, the complex is equipped with advanced equipment, which increases milk yield and makes the process as productive as possible.
Mikhail Goncharov
Milking machine operator at the Ruchevskoe Moloko, a branch of Agrofirma Dmitrova Gora, JSC
Vasily Bogatyrev
We have a very interesting life. It can be difficult, but it is even inspiring!
Yes, the work of plant grower is not easy. Yes, the schedule is also tense, especially during the harvest season.
But I love my profession, and this love motivates me to overcome any difficulties. I also feel a kind of professional “passion” — to desire to do job “perfectly well” even in the most difficult and extreme conditions.
I think the employees of our company have this in common. Together we are a real team!
Vasily Bogatyrev
Leading agronomist at Ruchjevskoe LLC
Tatiana Kostiyaynen
What is my secret of success? I will simply say, it is kindness. This smile, this kindness comes from within, from the heart. Our customers feel and see it. Our store is located in a residential area of Tver and many people go for groceries at the end of the day, tired after work. I always greet buyers with a smile, communicate, ask how they are doing, how is their health. The main thing is that it is sincere and as with loved ones. Customers appreciate this very much. As a result, the store's revenue grows, our team shows consistently high sales. I really love my job, my favorite thing about it is communicating with people. It doesn't matter what mood a person came in, the main thing is that he leaves us with a smile and full packages of delicious, fresh and healthy products!
Tatiana Kostiyaynen
Sales person at the Dmitrogorsky Produkt shop.
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